Determining Website Effectiveness through NetTracker 6.0

June 12, 2003
NetTracker, a new web log file analysis software package Baylor has added to its growing list of web tools, offers web site administrators the ability to analyze both the usage and effectiveness of a web site via standard and custom reports. Reports are available to show what web path users used to get to a site, how long they stayed, what pages were viewed, what search keywords users entered to find a site and what errors if any occurred including a list of broken links.
Although NetTracker is easy to use and offers a wealth of information via its standard reports, its real strength lies in giving users the ability to customize those standard reports and/or create custom reports specifically focused on analyzing a particular area of Baylor's web site.
Due to the resources necessary to run this system, access to NetTracker is limited. If you have an express need, please contact Internet Services. For more complete information about NetTracker, please visit the Web Log Traffic Report web site at
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