Hey, where are my Drives? Floppy and Zip Drives Gone!

June 12, 2003
Technology has done it again. New industry standards are being established. Dell has announced that it will no longer include Zip drives and Floppy drives in their computers. What does this mean for Baylor? New department standards purchased from the Baylor Computer Store will not have any zip drives or Floppy drives. Instead each new computer will come with a Flash drive. The flash drive works the same way as a ZIP or floppy in that you are able to save documents to it as a backup or to use on multiple computers. The difference is that the drive is portable and is easily attached to a computer via the USB plug. No separate drivers, media or cables are needed. Flash drives come in 16MB - 256MB capacities. For more information about Flash drives you can contact the Baylor Computer Store at 2714.

There are some guidelines to keep in mind when the time comes to upgrade to one of these new computers. The most important thing is to make sure all your files that are currently on zip and floppy disks get transferred to your new machine. The Install group is asking that you make sure everything that is on Floppy and Zip disks is copied back to your hard drive, preferably to your "My Documents" folder. When the Installation group is done with your upgrade, all the files will be transferred to your new machine. Any concerns or special requests should be addressed at the time of your upgrade. External zip and floppy drives will increasingly be more difficult to obtain. It is very important that you think ahead and get everything transferred at the time of your upgrade.
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