When Leaving Campus

May 6, 2008
Now that technology is so easily accessible even when traveling, keeping track of Baylor information and keeping in touch with campus activities can be done via internet access. This ability also means that important information must be protected behind additional layers of security. Security can mean protecting your computer as well as the data stored on the computer, or it may mean protecting data on servers located at the university. How do you prepare yourself so you can gain secure access to your information and keep it protected?

A new web page had been created www.baylor.edu/its/leavingcampus just for this purpose. It is also located under "Help" on the ITS website. It contains a list of recommendations for steps you should take to protect your computer and data before you leave, and what steps to take when you return to campus. Then while you are away, is a list of suggestions for accessing your information off campus and staying in touch with Baylor events while at your destination. The information is broken down by computer and data, phone, smartphone and email.

Did you know that in order to access data remotely on Banner, TRAX, BearQuest or Tivoli that you must have VPN installed on your computer? Do you know what VPN is? Did you know that you could use BearSpace to store files for easy access? Did you know what to do if you lose your Baylor ID card while traveling? Do you know how to setup your voicemail on your phone while you are away? Is your smartphone going to work when you leave the country? This is important information to know whether you are leaving for the weekend, a week or a month.

Please refer to this website before you leave so that your computer will have the right software to access your information from your remote location, and so that it is protected in case it is lost or stolen.
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