Toll-Free Dial-up is Not Really Free

January 1, 2003
by Cori Rhodes
Baylor provides a toll-free telephone number, 1-877-445-0103, for employees to connect to the Internet while traveling on Baylor business. In the past, Baylor Telephone Services has absorbed the costs of this service. Beginning in December 2002, these costs will be distributed to the departmental budgets of the employees using the line.

Use of the toll-free dial-in number after December 2, 2002, will require the employee to enter his or her six-digit long distance authorization code. This code will be used to match the user's name to the appropriate Baylor department. The department will then be charged for the cost of the call. Calls will be charged at 3 cents per minute.

It is recommended that users configure two separate connection documents--one for toll-free access and one for local access. The only difference between these two documents will be the phone number information. Instructions for setting up these documents can be found at:
Click on the hyperlink for the operating system you are using.

Instructions for using the toll-free number can also be found at:
Click on the hyperlink for "Out of Town Access".

Any employee who does not already have a long distance authorization code should contact Janet Knox at 3310.
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