Search@Baylor by Internet Systems

January 1, 2003
by David Seago
Baylor recently released a new "unified" web-based search application that replaces the old "Search", "A to Z" and "Directory" search items on Baylor's web pages. This new "unified" search, dubbed Search@Baylor, allows one to search various systems from one web page. Search@Baylor has three distinct search options in its initial release. The options available are as follows: Web Sites & Web Pages, People & Departments, and A-Z Listing of Registered Web Sites.

The Web Sites & Web Pages section will deliver web site and web page results based upon the name, keywords, and description of each officially registered web site and a full-text search of all web pages crawled at Baylor University in one unified search results page. From the results page, you can request additional search items if available in each section via the "First", "Prev" or "Next" links located in the top right of each section or receive an expanded number of results by clicking on the desired area in the bottom right corner of the search box at the top of the results page. One area that is not listed on the "Summary" page is the News section. The results in this section are limited to a search of just the new articles published by Baylor's Public Relations department. The search engine continuously crawls Baylor's various web servers and the results pages should reflect any new, modified or deleted web pages within a weeks time; although, the crawler may get to some items quicker than this time period.

The People & Departments section allows one to search for any current faculty, staff and student at Baylor. You can select via a pull-down menu to search across a person's first and last name or across a person's department. Depending upon how a person has his or her information release setting set, his or her entry may or may not show up in the search results. If you have a current Bear ID, you may log in to the search system. This will allow one's search to include those persons with a more restrictive information release setting. One can set one's information release settings by clicking on the Information Release Settings link in the search box area. You may set various directory items to be viewable by anyone on the Internet; by Baylor employees and students; by Baylor employees only; or by no one.

The A-Z Listing of Registered Web Sites section is a listing of Baylor websites, sorted by the first letter of the first word of the official website name. This listing is only useful for finding websites by the official name of that website. Please use the Web Sites & Web Pages search option to search on words other than the first name of the official website name.

Baylor will be adding items in the coming weeks to this "unified" search application. You will be able to find out about current features as well as all the new features just introduced or planned by visiting the Search@Baylor help pages by clicking the Search Help link on the main Search@Baylor page or one if its results pages.
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