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January 10, 2008
You just realized that it is after 5 p.m., and the Help Desk is closed. Perhaps you have needed to track a voucher in TRAX, but cannot remember how to do it. You need to share files with other team members while working on a class project at 3 a.m., but you are just not sure how to upload them onto BearSpace. If you have ever experienced these moments, we now have the solution for you. Just go to the ITS Website and click on Self-Service Help for "step-by-step" instructions. Self-Service Help requires your BearID and password to gain access.

Self-Service Help provides over 200 Baylor-specific "how-to" solutions, in addition to over 65,000 solutions for all types of technology questions. AirBear, BearSpace, Blackboard, TRAX, and MicroTest are just a few examples of the Baylor-Specific topics. The solution for most frequently asked questions received by the ITS Help Desk are available in this Self-Service Help application. All Microsoft Office applications, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, iPhoto, are just a few examples of the broader topics available. Just type a phrase or a few keywords that you are looking for in the search box to get a list of topics. You can also search on error messages in order to determine what to do.

ITS Self-Service Help is powered by RightAnswers, Inc., the industry-leading provider of knowledge solutions. It is available 24/7. If you can't find the solution you are seeking, you can submit a solution request or a Help ticket that will go directly to a Help Desk technician for response during regular business hours.

The Self-Service portal Home tab provides direct links to popular Baylor sites, in addition to ITS announcements of system maintenance outages and recent news stories. There are "FAQs" for quick access to solutions, and once you find a solution that you want to reference again in the future, you can click on the "My Favorites" button at the bottom of the solution so this link will appear on your Home tab. Once you click on "Search," you move to the Find Answers tab where you will see the list of results, categories that you may also want to reference and other related topics. The Top Answers tab provides a list of the top Baylor search topics, your own top searches and direct links to the top solutions. The Research tab represents a customized area for reference to any topic related specifically to research at Baylor.

Try it out--there are several ways to get there. At the ITS website, just click on the "Question/Answer" button, or type . Use the comment form to give us feedback. As technology changes, new topics and solutions will continue to be added for your convenience.
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