Category Field Added to LanDesk

December 11, 2007
In order to provide better budget planning information in the future for computer technology equipment, a new field has been added to the LANDesk custom data form. It is called a "category" field and will require input in order that the correct information can be collected. There are six categories that have been established, and this information will be available on any new installations beginning December 10. Selection for the new field entry will be made from a drop down menu. Detailed descriptions and examples for each field are included in the LANDesk Categories link found on the LanDesk and Hardware Replacement web pages.

If the PC client has the latest version of LANDesk (8.7) the new form with the category field will be available. If this field does not appear on the form, a new LanDesk client will need to be installed. Once the category information has been added to the field, the computer must be rescanned before it will appear in a generated report. Since this is a newly created field, this information will have to be input for all computers installed before December 10, 2007. For more detailed instructions on how to input the categories in the new field, please refer to the LanDesk website. This field will be used in generating reports for budget planning for next fiscal year (09-10).

Special Note: The Mac version of the custom data form is currently being rewritten as this is a custom Baylor creation. As soon as the update is completed, a notice will appear on the LanDesk web page so that the new form can be downloaded.

If you have any questions or concerns with your LanDesk reports, please contact Mike Gonzales or the ITS Help Desk.
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