Email Outage - 11/14/07

November 13, 2007
E-mail services will be briefly interrupted Wednesday night to move services to Baylor's new Storage Area Network. The new system replaces the older one purchased five years ago and features a higher level of speed and capacity.

Faculty and staff will find their mailboxes inaccessible for approximately one hour between the hours of 6PM and 8PM Wednesday night. Some mailboxes will be unavailable from approximately 6PM-7PM, others from approximately 7PM-8PM. During this time Outlook or other mail clients will present an error message when trying to connect to your Baylor account. All incoming messages will be safely held and delivered once the outage has completed. No messages will be lost. Users sending email to your account during this outage time will experience no errors or bounce-back messages. We expect mailboxes to be down for an hour or less and for all services to be restored no later than 8PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Line at 710-4357. Check the ITS Down Line at 710-3696 for any status updates during this outage.
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