Guidelines for Publishing Web Addresses

March 31, 2003
Internet Services has had several questions lately about web addresses and links for web sites, either to be used in a printed brochure or to be sent out in an email to a large group. A web address, or URL (Uniform Resource Locator), is the unique name used to identify a particular web site or page on the Internet. Here are some useful guidelines for departments when distributing a web address:
  • Before printing any web address, please type the address in a web browser and see if it works. If it does not, please check with Internet Services before printing the address. There may be cases where a new address is being prepared for you, which will not work until a few days before the site becomes active, but it is always a good idea to check before printing an address.

  • When printing a web address, you may elect to omit the "http://" from the front of the address. However, if the address is to a secure site, which uses "https" in the address, you should not leave this out.

  • Not all web addresses need to have "www" in them. Sometimes we will work with a department to create a special address for very high volume sites, such as "" that do not have "www" in them. Sometimes these actually refer to different servers. These will still work ... please do not add "www" to the name unless it is specified by Internet Services. On the Internet, there is a big difference between "" and "" .

  • Wherever possible, we recommend that web addresses be included in your messaging rather than a description of where to click on the Baylor web site to find your site. You should especially avoid things like "From the Baylor home page, click on Faculty and Staff and then click on Home Pages under the Technology section" to describe how to find your web site. The Constituent Group pages (which is what we call these second-level routing pages) are subject to change.

  • If you need a special URL for a mailing or for a program, please consult with Internet Services well in advance of sending out your message or completing your printed piece. We can often work with you to create what you need, but we do need to hear from you in advance, so we can help advise you as to your options.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when printing or sending in email a web address. In the past, departments have contacted Internet Services to have a special addresses created because they have inadvertently printed an incorrect address. While there may be a very few cases where we would make exceptions, we will typically not be able to create these addresses any more. We strongly recommend contacting us in advance if you have any questions about a web address.
For the general information-routing pages of the Baylor web site, we are always interested in your feedback about links we need to update or add to these pages. However, please do not print information about a link on these pages, as these pages are subject to change at any time.
Please contact Internet Services if you have any questions, by calling the HELP line at ext. 4357.
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