Changes in SAS Licensing

August 1, 2007
Effective August 1, Baylor University will have a new license agreement for the use of SAS software. The new license should continue to meet our SAS Software needs; however, we no longer have the unlimited campus-wide arrangement that we have enjoyed for several years.

There are three primary changes in the new license:

  • Each installation must be tracked for accountability. We will no longer be able to install SAS on any and every machine on campus as we are now required to license a specific number of installations. We believe that we have obtained enough installations to cover every machine where SAS is actually being used, but we must now account for each installation.
  • The license file must be renewed each year. Licenses will expire on the last day of July each year. After that time, there is a 45-day grace period and a 45-day warning period before the software actually stops functioning. We had previously enjoyed a 5-year license. The annual renewal is typical for SAS.

  • The license has been divided into two separate components; one for academics and one for administrative use. If SAS software will be used primarily in a lab or classroom or for academic research, it will be licensed for academic use. David Burns of the Electronic Libraries will be administering the academic license. CDs for student and home use may still be obtained from Tom Waden on the seventh floor of Robinson Tower. JMP, another SAS software product, is currently only being licensed for academic use. JMP is available for both PC and MAC. It will be distributed by David and Tommy in the same manner as the other SAS software. If SAS software on a computer will be used primarily for Baylor business purposes, it will be licensed for administrative use. Faron will continue to be the coordinator of the administrative licenses.

If you are currently using SAS, you must obtain and apply a new license file by October 30, 2007 in order to continue using SAS after that date.

For new computer installations, it should first be determined if SAS on that computer is either for academic or administrative use and contact David or Faron as appropriate to obtain the correct license file.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Burns or Faron Kincheloe.
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