Contacts Sorted by Last Name

February 1, 2003
In an earlier edition of InfoBits, we told you how to sort your Contacts by last name for Outlook 2000. You can do the same with Outlook XP using a slightly different procedure:

1. Open Outlook.
2. Click on the Tools menu and select Email Accounts.
3. Under the Directory heading, select "View or change existing directories or address books" and click Next.
4. Make sure that the Outlook Address Book is selected and click on the Change button.
5. Make sure that the File as (Smith, John) is selected for any address books listed.
5. Click Close and then Finish.

1. Click on the Tools menu and select Options.
2. Click on the Contact Options button.
3. Make sure that both boxes are set to Last, First
4. Click OK and then OK again.

You may need to quit Outlook and reopen it to see the Contacts re-alphabetized.
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