Toll-free Dial-in Changes. . . Again!

February 1, 2003
by Charlotte Lenox
On December 3, 2002, Telephone Services changed the toll-free dial-in process to require the user to enter an authorization code. The purpose of this change was to allow the phone line charges to be distributed to the departments.

The use of the authorization code has caused problems for a number of users; the required pause for the authorization code in the modem setting caused many modems to respond with a busy signal. Because of the complexity this added to the dial-in process, Telephone Services has configured the toll-free dial-in number so it no longer requires an authorization code. In other words, the dial-in process has been changed back to the way it was prior to December 3, 2002. This change occurred on Wednesday, January 22, 2003.

Departments will be charged for the use of the toll-free dial-in based on the BearID user name in the login on each call. The charge will be 2.5 cents per minute. Calls will be rounded up to the nearest minute.

The purpose of the toll-free dial-in is allow faculty and staff who are traveling to access their email without costly long distance charges. Because the toll-free number is not really "free," users are urged to use the toll-free dial-in number to conduct Baylor business as needed, not to surf the web or conduct personal business.

For more information, call Cori Rhodes at 4626.
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