Vista's Release

February 1, 2007
With the consumer release of Vista on January 30, 2007, there has been an increased interest on campus as to when Baylor will make the move to Microsoft's new operating system. It has been in development for five years and boasts a new graphical interface and increased security. Baylor's campus agreement with Microsoft will allow us to upgrade the work-at-home version, but the media for this distribution will not be available from the Microsoft distributors until mid-April 2007. We will make an announcement when it is available for purchase in the Baylor Bookstore.

In regard to campus-wide distribution of the new operating system for use on departmental computers, ITS will begin the transition with new computer purchases, but only after significant testing is completed. The projected timeframe is late spring or early summer. Due to the higher system requirements, upgrades will not be encouraged. The minimum processor requirement is 1.0 GHz, which is met by the majority of computers on campus. In addition, Vista requires 512 MB of system memory at a minimum. The most significant requirement, though, is the amount of video memory that is required to properly run Vista. It requires a separate 128 MB video card.

ITS is also in the process of testing the updated version of the Office suite, 2007 Microsoft Office System. Release of Office 2007 on campus will also occur during the Summer 2007. There will be a transitional upgrade, beginning with new installations. A process for upgrading to Office 2007 will be available at this same time. New seminars are being developed now to help clients make the transition. Look for these announcements in coming months.

Below are several sites where you can read more extensively about these new releases, what they offer and why you might want to make the change:

Among the significant and most noticeable changes to the new OS:

- a completely revamped user interface
- Internet Explorer 7
- a new "sidebar" feature to give quick access to information and utilities

Changes to the new version of the Office suite can be found at Office 2007.
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