Network/Internet Outage 1/2/07

January 2, 2007
Each of the following outages should only affect services between 5 to 10 minutes. If we have any difficulties beyond that time frame, the plan is to put the network back to its original orientation.

Internet- Will switch over at 5:30 due to the basketball game at 7:00

Network after 6:00-

Administration: Bill Daniel Student Center, Neil Morris Hall, Pat Neff,

BU-Central: Family and Consumer Science, Harris House, Mars McLean Gym, Martin House, 5th Street Parking Garage, ROTC

BU-East: Armstrong Browning Library, Baptist Student Union, Roxy Grove Hall, Tidwell, Waco Hall, Waco Hall East

Carroll: Carroll Library, Carroll Science, Morris Constitutional Hall

Draper-Backbone: Burleson, Draper, Old Main

Telephone after 7:00 -

Truett, North Village, Alumni, Museum, Law School, Rogers
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