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December 4, 2006
The service referred to as Get Grades or Online Grades will be discontinued after the spring 2007 term.

In order to provide similar service, Baylor's Electronic Library has recreated the functionality offered by Get Grades within the Blackboard system. The upload process in Get Grades with which you are familiar can also be accomplished by using the option "Upload from MicroGrade or Excel" within all your Blackboard courses.

There are several reasons why Get Grades is being discontinued. These reasons include time-intensive support of an outdated legacy system, better computer security, and convenience for the faculty member. Get Grades is the only web application still using Lablog for authentication. Lablog is an older non-supported authentication system that is not updated as frequently as other supported systems, and therefore results in several problems every term with student access to the system. Since Get Grades is last system on campus using Lablog, Baylor IT management has mandated that Lablog authentication be eliminated.

Another issue that we have commonly seen is related to both security and convenience. Get Grades can only be accessed for uploading by the faculty member. Therefore, a faculty member cannot use teaching assistants to help with the grade uploading process necessary for using Get Grades unless he/she gives away his/her authentication credentials. When a faculty member gives away their authentication credentials, a security violation has occurred. With the new process in Blackboard, a faculty member can conveniently add a grader or teaching assistant to Blackboard to help with the uploading grades process.

At this time, you will still have the spring term to transition away from Get Grades and we will be happy to work with you to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

If you need assistance in making the transition, please feel free to contact

John Lowe at, x7362;

David Taylor at, x1249 or

Sandy Bennett at, x4133.
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