Dell Battery Recall

August 15, 2006
Since the Dell battery recall is handled on an individual basis, we are requesting that all clients follow the directions for obtaining a new battery from the Dell website. Clients can call the Help Desk for assistance, but the procedure is easy to do.

Information about the Dell Battery Recall can be found at The website will give information about the program such as how to identify what battery models are affected, and a link to check each specific battery. If your battery is one of the models listed, you can submit the bar code information on the battery to Dell, and it will inform you if a replacement is required. If replacement is NOT required, you need to do nothing else. If replacement IS required, you can click on the battery replacement link and input your shipping address information. Dell will ship a replacement battery with a return shipping label already printed. You will need to package the recalled battery and send it back to Dell.

If you any questions about this procedure, you can call the Help Line or stop by the Repair Shop.
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