End of Semester Grading

April 26, 2006
The University has discontinued the use of paper grade rolls (Scantron "bubble" sheets) for end-of-term grade submission for the Spring 2006 semester. As a result, paper grade rolls have not been printed and distributed for end-of-term grade submission.

The electronic processes available to faculty for end-of-semester grade submission are:
- BearWeb;
- submission from within Blackboard;
- submission from a MicroGrade export file (in a specified format);
- submission from an Excel file (in a specified format).

Spring 2006 end-of-term grade submission begins:
The 4 electronic processes listed above will be available for end-of-semester grade submission beginning Friday morning, April 28, 2006.

All grades must be submitted for Spring 2006 by the following deadlines:
• 5:00 pm, Wednesday, May 10 for Graduation Candidates
• 5:00 pm, Thursday, May 11 for all other students
• Please submit grades earlier if they are completed!!


• Once grades are posted, you may view them in Bear Web, regardless of which method you used to post the grades.

• If a printed copy of grades submitted is needed, go to ClassRoll on the Baylor Website for the class section graded. Select the output format "Printable Roster." For the faculty member(s) of record for a class section, the submitted grades will be displayed on the roster.

The Web page listed below has more information about this change, as well as descriptions of how to use each of the above electronic end-of-semester grade submission systems.


There will be assistance available for each of the electronic grading options during the Spring 2006 end-of-semester grading period:
- Faculty members who choose to use BearWeb and need assistance can call the Office of Academic Records at extension 1181 with their questions. All staff members in that office are prepared to provide help with BearWeb grading.
- For those who choose to submit grades from Blackboard, from a MicroGrade export, or from an Excel file, Sandy Bennett in the Electronic Library at extension 4133 will be available for assistance.
- Also, a call to the Help Line at extension 4357 (HELP) is another way to reach someone who can help.

Thank you for your assistance with this improvement in University processes.
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