Oracle Database Servers Maintenance

February 26, 2006
Required software maintenance will be performed on two central Oracle database servers on Sunday, February, 26, beginning at 4:00 PM. This maintenance should be completed by 6:00 PM. The BearWeb and Banner systems will be unavailable during this time. Many other services and many web pages that use BearID authentication will be unavailable as well.

All services that use the following systems: Banner, DARS, Person Database, and Bearweb
The following services will be affected:

• AlumniSearch
• Banner (Student, HR, and Advancement Systems)
• Baylor Directory
• Bear Advice
• Bear_ID Activate or Change Password
• BearBucks/Employee Charges Statement
• BearSpace (Xythos)
• BearWeb (Web for Students, Online Tuition & Fee Payments, Web Time Entry, Pay Stub Information, Web for Faculty, Web for Development Officers, etc.)
• BIC Online Advising Sign-up
• ChairSIS
• Chapel Attendance
• CL&L Housing Applications
• ClassAct
• ClassRoll
• Course Listings
• DevNet
• Electronic Change in Schedule
• ID Number Lookups
• NolijWeb
• Online Application for Undergraduate Admissions
• Online Deposit for undergraduate admissions/housing
• PawPrints
• Resnet Administration Database
• Success Center Faculty Referral
• Truett Seminary Lifelong Learning
• Tuition/Stipend Authorization forms
• Undergraduate Admissions Application Status Check
• Undergraduate/Graduate CEEB Code lookups

Please refer to the DOWN line at extension 3696 (710-DOWN) for any additional information during this outage. Please direct any questions to the Help Line at extension 4357 (710-HELP).
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