Important Notice about Entourage Updates

February 21, 2006
It is imperative that Office 2004 with Entourage users update the Office 2004 application to SP2 (service pack 2). Without the SP2 update, it is possible that some of your email messages could be deleted due to a known "bug." Updating to the latest version will take care of this issue.

Please take a moment to verify that you have the latest version, which is 11.2.1, by opening the Entourage application, click on the "Entourage" menu, and then select "About Entourage." Click here for detailed instructions how to install the update. If you have the latest version, no further action is necessary.

If you have any general use computers in your department, such as student worker computers, please check these also. Checking for future application updates should be done on a regular basis. If you need any assistance updating to the new version, please call the Help Desk at 4357.
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