Baylor Adds New Features to Home Page

January 4, 2006
Baylor's ITS Internet Services Jan. 4 launched an updated Baylor Home Page ( which includes several new features. The front page now features a web site search capability directly on the page, and a new link was added featuring resources for prospective faculty & staff.
"The Baylor web site is a work in progress, and we are always looking for opportunities to improve the experience users have when they visit our web site," said Randy Woodruff, director of Internet Services. "We think these enhancements will make our web site easier to use for those looking for information about Baylor."

Search Engine

Recent updates to the Baylor web search engine have made it a very useful tool for finding information at Baylor. The system now searches not only web pages but also an index of Web sites, news stories, and events posted by Baylor offices. Now users can search these archives directly from the Baylor home page.
"Over the past year we launched several enhancements to the web site search function, and we wanted to make those features more prominent," Woodruff said. "This puts the search facility in front of our users the very moment they arrive at our web site."

Resource Links

The 'Prospective Faculty & Staff' link was added to address a major group of visitors looking for specific kinds of information relating to working at Baylor.
"Feedback from our Human Resources group, combined with a review of questions sent to our webmaster email account, prompted us to add this important resource to the front page of the Baylor web site," said Colin Witt, manager of Internet communications.
To accommodate the additional resource link for prospective faculty and staff, the "Parents & Family" and "Visitors & Community" resource links were combined into one page with information for "Visitors & Parents."
"One of the challenges of developing a user-friendly web site is keeping the number of links in an area low enough that the user will be able to scan them quickly," Witt said. "There was a fair amount of overlap in the resource information provided for these groups, and we believe having one page for these links makes the page stronger for campus visitors, community users, and our extended Baylor family."
The new design also removes the Baylor seal from the home page, following the official graphic standards adopted by the university.
For more information or to provide feedback about the changes, contact Woodruff at or Witt at
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