End-of-Semester Electronic Grade Submission

December 22, 2005
There are now new options available for electronic submission of end-of-semester grades. For this and other reasons, the University is preparing to discontinue the use of paper grade rolls (Scantron "bubble" sheets) beginning with spring, 2006, end-of-semester grades next May. At that time, the plan is that paper grade rolls will no longer be printed and distributed.

There are now four electronic processes available to faculty for end-of-semester grade submission. These are
- BearWeb;
- submission from within Blackboard;
- submission from a MicroGrade export file;
- submission from an Excel export file.

The Web page listed below has more information about why this change is taking place, as well as descriptions of how to use each of the above electronic end-of-semester grade submission systems.


All faculty members were encouraged to use one of the electronic processes this December for fall, 2005, end-of-semester grade submission, even though paper rolls were still be available for that term. Early in the spring semester, ITS will request feedback on these electronic grade submission options as we work to improve each of these systems.

Thank you for your assistance with this improvement in University processes.
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