Self-Service: Technology Solutions using Techknowledge

November 7, 2005
The Client Services area of ITS have launched a new service called Techknowledge that is designed to provide access to information for resolving technical and software issues. It is available through the ITS website or by accessing the following url:

By typing keywords and launching a search, solutions are provided from a database that contains information from the "RightAnswers Knowledge Pak" data source. This software is recognized as a leader in the technical support knowledge base market. The company offers over 100,000 solutions covering more than 200 off-the-shelf applications. Access to this comprehensive support knowledge base is continuously updated through the company's unique knowledge cycle. New solutions requested by customers are continually added while the knowledge cycle aggregates questions from thousands of support centers around the globe on a regular basis. Its content is accurate and relative to current technology issues.

In addition, the knowledge database contains a compilation of all help aids and documentation data that has been developed by Baylor staff and used in many of our training seminars.

"Many of our clients like to do their own troubleshooting, especially when learning a new software application," said Vicky Gerik, Director of Client Services. "Since the Help desk hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Techknowledge will give our clients access to solutions after hours. If they can't find what they are looking for, they can input their own troubleshooting ticket, which will be responded to during regular hours," noted Donna Herbert, Help Desk Manager.

Please check out this new self-service option for solving your technology issues.
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