Critical Maintenance

September 18, 2005
In order to perform critical maintenance on several systems, many of the Baylor IT services will be interrupted for a 24-hour period beginning at 8:00 AM on Saturday, September 17 through 8:00 AM on Sunday, September 18. Many commonly used services will be affected including: Bear Advice, BearID Activate or Change Password, BearSpace, Bearweb, Baylor Directory, Chair SIS, Class Roll, PAWS, network printing, etc.

In addition, please note that Email will be also be affected, but only during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 17. All incoming email will be held at the gateway and when services are restored, it will be delivered to client accounts.

Please check the Down Line at 710-3696 for any changes in status during this outage. You can also contact our Help Line at 710-4357 for additional information. Because this outage is so widespread, a weekend timeframe was chosen. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, this maintenance is essential.
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