PBX Telephone System Upgrade 08/06/05

August 6, 2005
The main campus PBX telephone system will be upgraded on Saturday August 6 beginning at 9:00 AM. All telephone services internally and externally will be affected by this outage. Voicemail and all menu/announcement services will not be available. The outage is expected not to exceed 8 hours and should be completed by 5:00 PM on Saturday. The upgrade is required in order to allow for future expansion and to meet the physical requirements needed for software upgrades. During the outage, people located in the Robinson Tower, science building, stadium offices, as well as students in the dorms with a 292 exchange, will be able to make internal calls within their immediate areas; for example, people in the Tower can call another office within the Tower.

All incoming calls will hear an announcement regarding the outage and direct them to cell numbers for DPS for an emergency or Baylor Facility Services. Cell numbers for Baylor DPS is (254) 709-6681 and Baylor Facility Services is (254) 709-8025.
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