Fire Suppression System Deployment Causes Widespread System Outages

July 8, 2021

During routine maintenance on the morning of July 7 the fire suppression system in Baylor's core data center deployed. The physical impact from the fire suppressing gas discharged in the data center caused critical systems to go offline for several hours. Nobody in the data center was injured when the system discharged.

Following the incident, Baylor Health and Safety officials monitored oxygen levels in the data center and ITS offices to ensure the safety of the environment. Once oxygen levels stabilized, Baylor ITS technicians assessed hardware and software systems to determine the full extent of the damage.

Campus phone systems and call centers were soon restored along with several other systems. The student information system, centralized data storage network, and web clusters experienced hardware failures and that required several hours to restore.

By 8:30 p.m. all major systems aside from the high-performance research computer cluster were functional. Baylor ITS representatives will continue damage assessments and repairs to restore the integrity of the university's core data systems.

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