New Tivoli Backup Monitor Application

February 1, 2005
ITS has developed the New Tivoli Backup Monitor Application for Windows. As a Baylor employee you use your computer daily to perform many tasks. Should a file be accidentally deleted or become corrupt, a backup copy of that file would solve the problem. All hard drives are mechanical devices with electronic and moving parts that have a limited life span. Even though hard drives are becoming more reliable as technology advances, eventually, all drives will fail. The risk of hard disk crashes increases with the age of the computer.

Baylor provides regular backup services for all Baylor computers connected to the Baylor Domain network and running the Windows operating system. Only files in the My Documents and Settings folder, Micrograde folder, and Microtest folder will be backed up by ITS. Some file types, such as movies or music files are excluded because of their size. Please reference for a complete list of exclusions.

It is also extremely important to routinely check to see that your computer backup is functioning properly. Checking the backup schedule has just gotten easier with the release of a new version of the Tivoli Backup Monitor application by ITS - Clients Services. It provides several features in one application. Please view the following 6-Minute InfoClip to see a demonstration of these features:

Client Initiated Backup - If you just finished working on a major project or an important document or you are redocking your laptop, you may need to initiate an immediate backup. Open the Backup Monitor application and select the first icon to start a backup. Most backups will only take a few minutes. The backup will operate in the background, so you can minimize the window and continue to work in other applications. When the backup process is complete, simply close the window. Please note: The backup server is not available during 11:30AM to 1:30 PM daily.

Check Backup Status - Under normal circumstances, your computer should automatically backup daily. It is a good habit to periodically check to make sure. Select the second icon to confirm the last time your computer was backed up. Since there are two methods for backing up your computer, you need to select one of the two options: Server backup status and/or Client Initiated Backup status. Just click the appropriate button to check the date and time to confirm that the backup was performed.

Change Backup Monitor Schedule - The Tivoli Backup Monitor application will automatically check your computer for backups based on the settings in this feature. It defaults to check for backups to be scheduled every day. If the backup application does not work for any reason, you will be notified with a pop-up window. To change the automatic alert, just select the third icon. For example, if you know that you are leaving for a week and taking the computer with you, you can disable the alert notification. If you are routinely out of the office on Mondays and Wednesdays for example, you could turn the backup alert off during the days that you are not in the office. It will eliminate the pop-up window that may be annoying.

Request Assistance - This feature provides you with a quick link to email any questions you may have to the Help Desk. If you want to talk to an assistant, the Help Desk number is referenced (4357). If you suspect a server outage, you can listen to the messages recorded on the Down Line at the number referenced (3696).

To get your copy of this new version, simply go to "Favorites" in the Explorer browser, and select Software Installers. This will take you to the App Center link where you can select the Tivoli Backup Monitor and run the installer. The installation will also remove any old applications and files associated with the older versions of the Tivoli Monitor application.

To restore any files from the backup system, you will need to use the Tivoli application. Please contact the Help Desk for details or view the Restore Infoclip.
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