Change to Zoom Login Process Coming May 17

April 22, 2021
As part of the university’s ongoing cybersecurity efforts, Baylor’s Zoom login process will require two-factor authentication for all Baylor email-associated accounts beginning May 17.

While this change will not affect most users, some users who had Zoom accounts associated with their Baylor email addresses before March 2020 and are still using those credentials to sign in to Zoom will have to start signing in with their Baylor credentials (BearID and password) on May 17. No other changes will be made or required to your Zoom account, and nothing will change with scheduled meetings or recordings. In short, if you are already following the steps outlined below, you have nothing new or different to expect on May 17.

For Desktop Client Users

On launch, choose the “Sign in with SSO” option, and enter “baylor” as the company domain as illustrated below. You will be directed to a standard two-factor login screen and will use DUO to authenticate your login; Zoom will launch as usual after authentication is complete.

For Mobile Users

Tap the link “Sign in with SSO” and enter “baylor” on the next screen. You will be prompted to authenticate via DUO as usual.

If you encounter problems logging into Zoom, visit HelpDesk+ online, email, or call (254) 710-4357.
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