Improved Access to Libraries' Electronic Resources

January 14, 2005
On Wednesday, January 12, the Library implemented a change in the interface that faculty, students, and staff use to access the growing collection of electronic resources. The new interface can be found here.

There was no loss of functionality or resources with the switch to the new interface; in fact, users will find several improvements, including:

ò A more detailed list of subject categories that is based primarily on the majors offered at Baylor. For example, a researcher interested in finding electronic resources pertinent to the field of History will find a brief list of resources specifically for that field, instead of a long list of all resources associated with research in the Humanities.
ò A search interface that not only provides the ability to look for a resource by the words in the title, but also the ability to find resources based on other descriptive words associated with that resource.
ò An advanced search option to use in identifying resources by subject and resource type. For example, find all of the resources that are Encyclopedias for the subject of Music.
ò The ability for library staff to include valuable CD-ROM electronic resources, as well as web-based resources. This feature has not yet been implemented, but will be implemented gradually as the resources are identified.

If you currently have as a bookmark for accessing the libraries' electronic resources, please change that bookmark to:
If you have any questions or comments about this change, please contact or call Billie Peterson-Lugo at 254.710.2344.
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