Campus Email Security Enhanced Through New Microsoft 365 Feature

October 9, 2019

As part of our ongoing efforts to curb email phishing and spam in the Baylor community, Information Technology Services activated a feature today within the Microsoft 365 environment that enables users to report messages as either "junk" or "phishing." Reported emails are sent to Microsoft and also reviewed by the Baylor ITS security team. If a potential threat is detected in a reported message, Baylor ITS will take immediate action to remove the message from our email systems. Microsoft will review reported email and make enhancements in future versions of their messaging projects.

The new reporting feature is available on Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac clients on the far right of the header ribbon. In the web-based version of Outlook, the reporting functions are available in a drop down menu titled, "Junk." This new functionality is not available on the Outlook for iOS app.

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