Virus Alert

November 9, 2004
Within the last twenty-four hours, Baylor University has observed a new type of email virus. The virus typically has an alluring text, such as stating that your credit card has been charged by Paypal or Citibank. The email includes a link that when clicked infects the computer reading the message. It is extremely important to be careful when opening unexpected emails that you avoid clicking links contained within those unexpected emails. Deleting the message is the best course of action.

This semester, ITS has observed a increase in email viruses and scam emails. Such scams are attempts to gather your personal information using emails and web pages. Legitimate companies such as Ebay, Paypal and banking institutions, typically will not send unsolicited emails notifying you of charges or requesting that you confirm personal information online. ITS recommends that users refrain from responding to e-mail request for personal information, even when users have accounts with the apparent sender of the messages. Recent vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer have allowed such scams and viruses to be forged so that they appear to be sent from legitimate companies. These vulnerabilities also allow forged websites to appear as legitimate ones. In any case, it is best not to enter personal information onto websites when solicited by e-mail.

If you ever have any doubt about an email message or website, please contact the HELP line.
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