Relocation of ITS Staff

October 29, 2004
Please be advised that there are two areas of ITS, Information Systems and Internet Services, that will be moving office locations next week beginning Tuesday, November 2. The moves should be completed and all staff should be functioning in full capacity by Friday, November 5.

During this move all the Information Systems staff currently in the Rogers Engineering and Computer Science building will move to the east wing of the 7th floor of Robinson Tower, where they will join existing staff from this area. At the same time, all the Internet Services Staff currently in Robinson Tower will relocate to the Rogers Engineering and Computer Science building where they will also join existing staff. All staff from these two groups will be affected due to the fact that there will be some shifting of existing offices in both areas.

All services that these groups support will continue to operate, but there will be very limited response to troubleshooting issues beginning Tuesday. For a listing of services, please refer to the following websites for Information Systems and Internet Services.

Please contact the HelpDesk directly for any issues that you may have.
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