Advanced Searches Now Available

September 16, 2004
ITS-Internet Services is pleased to announce the release of new Advanced Search functionality in the Online Directory, These advanced functions are offered as a replacement for the current Whitepages online system. The Advanced Searches, available to logged-in faculty and staff only, are virtually identical to what has until now been offered only through the Whitepages online application. By including them in the new online directory, Baylor will have a single, integrated and improved tool to replace the older applications whose technology platform has become outdated and hard to maintain.

For a short period of time, both the old Whitepages system and the new Advanced Search features of the Online Directory will be available. We encourage all users to test out these new capabilities over the next month and report via the Helpdesk any problems or deficiencies they encounter.

The Advanced Searches are divided into two groups: faculty/staff, and students, with each group containing four search options. Please note that, as with the standard search, information returned in the advanced searches is governed by the individual's information release settings. As an example, a search for all students whose permanent address is in Houston, TX will not necessarily return a complete list of those students; rather, it will return all students from Houston with release settings set to allow the information to be displayed to the user, based on the user's access level.


  • Department - One or more department names can be selected to return a list of all people in those departments. A text filter is provided so that the user may limit the list of displayed department names to only those that contain the entered text. The department names must then still be selected before search results will be returned. A checkbox is provided to exclude auxiliary personnel from the search results, if desired.
  • Chairs - The user selects one of three options: All, Academic, or Administrative, to retrieve a list of the department chairs for that category.
  • Graduate Faculty - A list of the entire graduate faculty is returned. Since there is no intermediate user input required (no search criteria to enter), clicking the "Graduate Faculty" link will take the user directly to the search results.
  • Custom Search - This screen combines the features of several search options, and allows the user to more precisely limit the results returned. Any item the user does not desire to specify may be left blank.


  • Major - One or more majors can be selected to return a list of all students with that major. Results may be restricted to majors only, or set to include majors and minors.
  • Orgs/Activities - One can search for students by student organization(s), such as fraternities and sororities, clubs, etc...
  • Hometown - Students can be retrieved by their local or permanent address.
  • Custom Search - This is similar to the faculty/staff custom search, but with options specific to students. Results may be limited by name, level (undergraduate, graduate, law, or seminary), major, organization, and/or hometown.
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