Welcome to BU-Guest

February 5, 2018
BU-GUEST is Baylor’s new sponsored guest wireless network. Faculty and staff who have guests visiting campus now have a way to grant them access to the guest wireless network. Guests should select BU-GUEST from the list of available wireless networks on each of the devices they would like to have Internet access. During the registration process, the guest will be asked for the email address of their Baylor faculty or staff sponsor and a phone number where they can receive a text message.

Once the guest completes a brief online form on each device, the faculty/staff sponsor will receive an email from guestwifi@baylor.edu. Once the faculty/staff member authorizes their guest to access BU-GUEST, they will be able to use the network for two days. For more information about authorizing guests or managing authorized accounts, please visit baylor.edu/its/bu-guest. (NOTE: If a guest enters the Baylor email address of their sponsor incorrectly, contact the HELP Desk for assistance.)

Baylor ITS operates a secure network environment to protect critical information resources. Having a sponsored guest wireless network allows the university to maintain its security while expanding access to wireless networking for the many guests hosted throughout the year.

For questions about BU-GUEST, visit baylor.edu/its/bu-guest or contact the HELP Desk at (254) 710-4357 (HELP). If the HELP Desk is closed, contact TechPoint in Moody Memorial Library at (254) 710- 8324 (TECH).
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