New Model of Microsoft Office for Windows OS Clients

June 14, 2017
In the next few weeks, Baylor ITS will move to a new deployment model of Microsoft Office for the desktop, called Click to Run, on all computers running Windows OS. Moving forward, the Click to Run versions of Office will mirror the same versions of the Office applications running in Office 365.

Why the need to change?
Microsoft will begin packaging both the security and feature upgrades for all Office 365 products. As a result, it is important that all Baylor systems running the Windows OS use the Click to Run version so that these critical upgrades are deployed as soon as they are tested and available to campus users.

How does it work?
The initial transition will work in much the same way as a typical Office update. The applications and documents will need to be closed during the transition from the current deployment model to Click to Run. However, one of the benefits of Click to Run is the process of updating moving forward.

In the future, when the Click to Run version is launched on the desktop, it will check via the network to see if the correct version is installed. If not, it automatically downloads the updates in the background. Once it is finished downloading to your computer, you will be prompted to restart the application. You may continue to work in the application until you finish what you are working on, save it, then restart the application. It will not interrupt your session until you are ready to restart.

When will this happen?
Testing will begin this week in ITS. Our projected plan is to begin converting all campus computers currently running Office 2016 to the Click to Run version beginning July 5. All computers running older versions of Office will be converted beginning the week of July 10.

Will anything be changing with the Office applications on macOS?
Currently, the Click to Run deployment model is only available on Windows OS. Office running on macOS will continue to receive updates as it does now.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357.
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