New Contact for Cellular Devices and Data Plans

May 4, 2017
Responsibility for all mobile device services, including smartphones, other cellular devices and data plans for iPads, have been moved to ITS Client Services. All other telephone services (office phones, VoIP, voicemail system, etc.) will remain with the Telephone Services area of ITS. New information about these services has been added under the “Networking and Telephone” category on the ITS website.

The new staff member in charge of handling these purchases is Melissa Gibbard, who has transferred into the Installs group of ITS Client Services. She is still located at the Bookstore parking garage ITS Annex and her new extension is 2811 (254 710-2811). She will handle all the ordering and answer questions related to different options for all the Verizon and AT&T services that are offered to the university. There is a new form on the website to use for ordering a smartphone or upgrading an existing one. The new website has several FAQs that we hope will answer most of the common questions that you may have. The process for the installation of any mobile device will not change. It will continue to be handled by the Installs group.
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