Over 150 Successful Phishing Attempts in One Week

April 20, 2017
Our ITS Help Desk continues to receive many calls and emails from people who have clicked links embedded in the recent surge of phishing emails. Just this week, over 150 Baylor students, faculty and staff have clicked on links in phishing emails and provided their Bear ID and password via a website thinking they were logging into a legitimate university resource. As a result, Baylor ITS officials have had to reset email accounts and identity profiles for many in our community.

When a phishing attempt succeeds, giving a bad actor access to a Baylor email account (and possibly much more), it not only puts the individual's information at risk, but it puts our entire network at risk. As noted in a recent BearAware Alert, we are actively working to block phishing emails that we identify from being delivered to Baylor email accounts. However, when it comes to scams like phishing we must all be diligent so that we protect our valuable information and our identities.

To learn more about phishing and its potential impact, visit baylor.edu/bearaware. To keep up with new approaches to phishing and stay aware of other IT security threats, follow @bearaware on Twitter and "like" BearAware on Facebook.

If you ever have a concern about the validity of an email or message requesting immediate action or sensitive information, contact the HELP desk at (254) 710-4357 (HELP) before taking any action.
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