Major Disruptions to Canvas Services

February 28, 2017
All Canvas functionality appears to be restored at this time. Instructure will continue to monitor the system and we will provide additional updates as necessary.

Although the situation is improving, there is still impaired functionality between Canvas and Amazon. The biggest area of impact right now is that uploads are not yet working. This includes student uploads to assignments, instructor grade uploads, and similar functions. You may continue to see issues with this, and other areas in Canvas, as Amazon works to fully restore all services.

Canvas performance and service recovery continues to progress quickly. Although many users should now be able to access Canvas, there may still be areas of impaired functionality as Instructure works through remaining issues.

Instructure is beginning to see positive indications of recovery and have successfully tested workflows that were previously failing. We are still awaiting full resolution, and many users may still run into error messages when attempting to access your Canvas site.

Amazon is continuing to work through their recovery process. The Instructure DevOps team has implemented a temporary change to ensure tools and apps not hosted on AWS are still accessible to those that are able to access Canvas. However, the majority of Canvas users are still unable to access their Canvas site, due to the outage with AWS.

Amazon Web Services is currently experiencing what appears to be a large-scale networking issue that has impacted Instructure (Canvas). Along with Instructure, many other businesses and universities are impacted by this outage. Amazon has identified the problem as being limited to a set of servers in the US. They are actively working on finding a fix to address the errors we are seeing. Amazon is working with Instructure to provide updates on the issue. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information.
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