iPads added to the Loaner Program

August 26, 2014
The ITS loaner program, which is available for faculty and staff when traveling or when they have other special, short-term needs, now includes new iPad Airs in the checkout inventory. Most travelers, who use the loaner equipment to check their email or access the internet, will now have the option to use an iPad versus a laptop. To request equipment from the loaner program, you must have a valid active Bear ID. Simply go to our website and submit a form request. Pickup for any checkout system is located in the ITS Annex location, which is behind the Baylor Bookstore in the 5th Street parking garage. Look for the glass doors along the first floor of the parking garage. Short-term parking is available for your convenience when picking up and dropping off equipment. Because our laptops and iPads are protected with encryption, one business day or 24 hours is required prior to the day that the equipment is needed. The maximum length of time for a loaner is three weeks. Exceptions to this timeframe will require special approval.

Our laptop inventory has also been upgraded with solid state hard drives for improved efficiency and both Windows and Apple operating systems are available for your use. In addition, if you are giving a presentation, we do have a few projectors in the loaner program. Information about all the equipment available in the loaner program can be found on the ITS website. Type “loaner program” in the Search box and the links will appear that will provide more details, including the checkout form.
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