Online Directory New Look

June 2, 2014
ITS is pleased to announce a new version of the University’s Online Directory will be released this week. The new directory employs a responsive design, similar to the Baylor website’s main pages, so that it provides the best experience regardless of user device.

While the interface retains many elements familiar to current users, there are a number of enhancements, including:

  • Elements on the page are built to translate well on “narrower” screens/browsers (including phones and tablets).
  • Navigation is always available in the header.
  • My Listing and My Department are new features which allow users to see their own directory information, including how their information release flags are set, and the list of employees in their home department.
  • There is a very prominent LOGOUT link included in the application.
  • The most recent search criteria is remembered.
  • Results listings include photos.
  • Other cosmetic enhancements are included to improve clarity and usability.

This new Online Directory will be implemented on Wednesday, June 4. Call the ITS Help Desk at 254-710-4357/HELP if you have any questions or concerns.
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