Apple Lion (10.7) Approved for Campus Use

December 5, 2011
With the final release of the 10.2 PGP client, all critical campus systems are now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Lion). As such, Lion is now approved for campus use.

Mac OS X Lion is not required by any of our campus systems. Clients who would rather not upgrade their systems do not have to do so at this time. Clients who would like to upgrade should read through the questions below to make sure that Mac OS X Lion would work for them.

1. Should my computer hardware be upgraded to Lion?

Although most Apple computers released since 2007 officially support Lion, it is not our recommendation to upgrade 08-tag computers. Computers with an ITID support tag beginning with 08 are due to be replaced this fiscal year. New Apple computers purchased this year will be installed with OS X Lion.

Computers with an ITID support tag beginning with 09 through 12 are eligible for upgrade to Lion.

2. Is my software compatible with Lion?

With the Lion upgrade, Mac OS X no longer supports Rosetta. Rosetta allowed software written for older PowerPC Macs to run on the newer Intel-based Macs. Most current versions of software used on campus have been updated to run on Intel-based computers. The table below contains what versions of commonly used applications are compatible with Lion.

Application Version
Microsoft Office Office 2011 for Mac
Adove Creative Suite version CS 5 or greater
Filemaker Pro version 9 or greater
VMWare Fusion version 4
Parallels Desktop version 7
MicroGrade / MicroTest Does not work

Software versions prior to those listed above will need to be updated before a computer can be upgraded to Lion. Please contact the HELP Desk for assistance.

If you are presently using any other non-standard software package, a great resource for determining whether or not your software will work with Lion is the online compatibility database hosted at

If your application is listed as incompatible it is best to delay any system upgrade.

3. Will I be able to use iCloud?

Refer to the Cloud Services FAQ under the Safe Computing section of the ITS website.

4. How do I upgrade?

To initiate the upgrade process, please contact the HELP desk. This will begin the process of verifying that your software and hardware are compatible and that your computer has healthy back ups. They will also flag your computer for decryption if that is needed. Once everything has been cleared your upgrade will be scheduled.

5. But I see it on the App Store, can I just do it myself?

No. With the move to App Store distribution, Apple has made OS upgrades more accessible to the user. While this is a great change for personal use of computers, it can cause multiple problems for enterprise-based solutions like those that Baylor has implemented. For this reason we ask that you not attempt to upgrade your Baylor computer through the App Store.

6. What new features are available in the new version?

There are numerous new features. Please refer to the website for more details:
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