Requests for Technology Systems & Software

Any software, hardware, or technology service purchased or licensed by campus departments must be reviewed and approved by ITS before implementation. The purpose of the review is to...

  • ensure security of university data,
  • assure a fit within Baylor's IT architecture and infrastructure,
  • understand the need and impact,
  • evaluate the system requirements, and
  • assess ITS resources, if any, needed for the implementation.

If you are uncertain whether or how to involve ITS in a system evaluation or have questions regarding this request process, contact Micah Lamb, Senior Director of IT Projects and Governance, at

Baylor Technology Standards

Please review the Technology Systems Standards list which describes ITS standards for various aspects of hardware and software systems. Any system that does not conform to these standards must be requested, justified, and approved as an exception.

A device that is not 802.1X auth compatible is not supported for use on AIRBEAR WPA2. A device like this is usable via AIRBEAR-DEVICE, but only in student dorms. Office use for a device such as this is not supported. Wired connection is an option, but will need to pass a security review prior to being allowed on the network.


All contracts and licenses for technology systems must include the Baylor Service Addendum. Please contact Ralph Sherman, Assistant Vice President for Business Operations & Financial Services, at for a copy of this addendum to provide to the technology vendor for their review.

NOTE: Online click-through agreements and technology acquired by P-Card should also go through a technology review using the forms below.

Technology/Software Reviews

Baylor staff members in ITS and the Office of General Counsel responsible for legal and information security reviews of potential software purchases and other technology systems/contracts have other assigned duties in addition to reviews. Please allow three to four weeks for the ITS portion of this process, assuming prompt responses are provided by the potential vendor.

To begin the request review process, please complete the following forms and email them to

  1. Initial Technology Request Capture form. This information will document the impact of the request and aid in discovery of duplicative requests and/or technology already in place.
  2. Technology and Security form

Reviewed October 9, 2018