Duo Authentication Methods

Devices That Can Be Enrolled:

You can enroll any of the devices below, Baylor ITS strongly encourages you to register at least 2 devices (at least one of which is a phone).

Duo Authentication Methods Chart

*To enroll a Duo Hardware Token, you must contact the Help Desk at 254-710-HELP (4357), the other methods can be enrolled without additional assistance.

The Duo Mobile app will function without any connectivity (cellular service or Wi-Fi), touch the Baylor University line after opening the app to reveal a Duo Mobile Passcode that can be used to authenticate. Type the passcode in the authentication window on the system you are using to log in to a service protected by Duo.

Text (SMS) provide a similar passcode to the Duo Mobile app, but require cellular connection & can be delayed by interruptions in cellular service.

Voice callbacks ring your phone (cell, smart, & landlines can all receive voice calls). When you answer a robotic voice will give you instruction to press a key to authenticate. This is the least reliable method of authentication as many cellular providers are filtering out automated phone calls & neither Duo, nor Baylor has any visibility into why a call does not reach your device/phone.

Tokens vary in price & either provide a passcode (like the Duo Mobile app or an text message) or require you to push a button to accept the authentication request. The Duo Tokens are available for purchase at the Baylor Bookstore.

Devices to Enroll:

You must have access to a device whenever you log in to a service protected by Duo. You may enroll personal devices and/or University provided devices. The Duo Mobile app is quick & easy to use. It has a small download size & can be downloaded via a Wi-Fi connection to avoid any data overages. Any information collected by Duo from the app usage pertains to the device itself & is used only for the purpose of verifying a user's identity - no other personal information is captured.

Text messages may be sent to either personally owned or to university owned devices.

Special Circumstances

Lost Device: Call the Help Desk if you have lost a device. They can assist you in unenrolling the device so that your account is protected & so you can enroll a new device when you have one in your possession.

Forgotten, Lost, or Damaged Devices: Please enroll at least 2 devices so that you have a backup (consider a parent's phone, a landline, a tablet, or a token). If all of your options are unavailable, please call the Help Desk for further assistance.