March 2013 BearAware Alert

BearAware Security

Beginning April 2, 2013, a change is being made in the notification process for missed computer backups. We know that receiving constant missed backup emails has been frustrating for many, especially for laptop users whose devices are often out of their docks when backups are scheduled. You will no longer receive these automated messages. Instead, new tools that will allow ITS staff to proactively monitor missed backups internally will be implemented. ITS will notify individuals who have not had a successful backup completed for 14 days, and work with you to resolve any issues and ensure there is a current backup of your work.

Why are backups important?

It is essential that university information and the work of faculty and staff contained on employee computers is secure and reliable. To aid in this process, ITS provides a centralized backup service for your computer that runs in the background over the Baylor network several times per week.

Regarding backups of your computer, remember these things:

  • Generally items in My Documents (Windows)/Documents (Mac) and on the Desktop are backed up. See for full guidelines and a list of file types excluded from backups.
  • You can always perform a backup manually using the Check Backup application. It is good practice to do this at least monthly or periodically during critical projects. You can check the date of your most recent backup using the same Check Backup application. See for additional information.
  • After April 2, you will no longer receive automated email messages when your computer misses a regularly scheduled backup.
  • ITS staff will contact you if you have not had a backup in 14 days.

If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at extension 4357/HELP.

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