Antivirus Information - Mac (personally-owned )

Baylor's contract with Symantec ends May 31, 2019. The new solution that ITS recommends for virus protection for personally-owned Macs is Sophos Home.

Sophos Home provides real-time antivirus protection against known viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms, along with protection from malicious websites. Once installed, you may have to allow access to Sophos in the Security & Privacy settings:


Software Installers - To download the free version of Sophos Home, go to: Sophos Home-Free

To view the components of Sophos Home:
Click on the Sophos Home icon, located in Menu Bar, and then click on the ellipses (...).
description Selecting "Preferences" from the menu will give you the status of each protection component. If a component does not have a green check on it, it may need attention.

Please call the Help Desk if you have questions about Sophos Home.

December 6, 2018