International Travel & Duo

If you are travelling internationally & have questions about how Duo will operate outside of the United States please read below.  If your question is not answered please call the Help Desk at (254) 710-HELP (4357) or email them at as we will be updating the information below as needed.

1.  Can I continue to use my United States cell phone/carrier when outside of the United States?

Yes, but you will more than likely want to add an international calling/data plan to your current service to avoid international roaming/data charges.  Duo states that 500 pushes to your device will use about 1MB of data in total, which is roughly the equivalent to loading 1 webpage on your smartphone.

The easiest method is to use the Duo Mobile app to obtain the passcode (open the app & click the down arrowhead on the same line as Baylor University) & enter that passcode on the Duo authentication screen. This method requires no cellular or Wi-Fi connection & uses no data.

Other options include the Duo Hardware Token sold at the Baylor Bookstore for $35 (requires a phone call to the Help Desk to add to your Duo account) or a U2F device purchased from any vendor that sells them (find out about these devices here: Duo's Fido U2F Page).

2. If I chose to get a new device based in the country I am travelling to, but I cannot know that device's phone number in advance, how do I register that device with Duo once I have reached my destination?

In order to register the new device, you will either need to call the Help Desk to have your US device removed from Duo OR make sure you have a secondary device registered with Duo that you will take with you (tablet or hardware token).

3.  If I change the SIM card in my United States cell phone so that I keep the same physical device, but the number & carrier are now an international number (this will work if you have an unlocked phone), will my device automatically work with Duo since it is the same as the one already registered?

On a smartphone, Duo is registered via the device & the phone number not just one or the other. if you choose to change the SIM card to an international one, then you will either have to call the Help Desk to have your current device removed OR make sure you have a secondary device registered with Duo that is not changing & that you have with you (tablet or hardware token).

4. Can I use my e-mail address or something besides a second device to authenticate via Duo?

No, Duo requires a second device for the added security of 2-factor authentication.  The basis of 2-factor security is something you know, your password (also used to access e-mail), & something you have (mobile device, tablet, phone, or hardware token).  Using an e-mail address to 2-factor authenticate via Duo is not an option.