Campus Cable Television

Baylor University’s Cable TVs agreement with Grande Communications is expiring in June 2017. Baylor was notified that, at the conclusion of the contract, Grande would require conversion to an all-digital lineup, as they are requiring for the entire Waco area market.

ITS has negotiated a one year extension with Grande to carry the new digital line-up. Grande is providing a custom solution for Baylor to allow us time to further investigate a more permanent decision regarding video delivery on campus.

Grande will convert Baylor on May 31st. The change applies to all televisions connected to the cable network in residence halls and all other Waco campus buildings and facilities.

To continue to view cable TV after the change:
  • If a TV currently has a Grande box, no action is needed.
  • If a TV connects directly to the Baylor cable network (no Grande box between the TV and the wall jack) then reprogramming of the TV will be needed the first time it is turned on after the change.
To see the channels available, please view the Channel Guide

For older televisions, you will want to do a channel scan to have access to all of the channels. Channels listed on the Channel Guide, such as ESPN2 at 130.1 can be accessed using the channel up/down button on the remote. Some remotes may have a decimal or dash if you want to enter the channel via the remote's keypad.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357.