November 2016 BearAware Bulletin (Faculty/Staff)

BearAware Security Bulletin

Duo MobileDuo Two-Factor Implementation Update

Thank you for helping to make the implementation of Duo two-factor authentication on BearWeb a great success. At last count, over 95% of faculty, staff and students are registered with Duo. With Duo now fully deployed, ITS is carefully considering other ways to leverage two-factor authentication to protect additional systems such as Box, CrashPlan and the eBill financial system. ITS will notify you in advance as additional systems and services are protected by Duo in the coming months.


Reminder: ITS Security Review Process

Every new technology solution - whether software, cloud-based service, or hardware - must go through a security and technology review process before purchase. ITS implemented this review process to ensure that the device or application is compliant with appropriate regulations, works within Baylor’s technology infrastructure, and that any employee, student, and/or personal information remains protected. The review process typically takes two to six weeks depending on the number of requests under review. For more information, please visit the ITS website (, click on Resources & Systems, and select Requests for Technology Systems. The forms to submit new software, services or hardware for review are located near the bottom of the page.


Phishing SafetyPhishing Safety

Phishing attempts grow in number and sophistication every day. However, every phishing scheme has one goal: to make you panic about losing some sort of access so that you will click a link and enter your user credentials without a second thought. To prevent getting hooked by a phishing scheme, never click embedded links in email messages or texts. Instead, open a web browser and either manually enter the URL or use a trusted bookmark. Remember, Baylor ITS will NEVER ask you for your BearID & password in an email. Keep yourself safe by being wary of emails - even from trusted sources - that contain links to resources that ask you to provide credentials, passwords or other secure information.


Have a Happy - And Secure - Holidays!

The holidays provide a needed break from research, teaching and administrative tasks. Before you head off to celebrate with friends and family, please browse over to the ITS website (, click on the Services menu, and then select Leaving Campus. There are simple steps listed that you can take to protect your devices and information before you leave and while you are away. We hope that you and your technology enjoy a safe, secure and happy holiday season.

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