Duo Device Management

Once you have Duo installed, you may need to make changes to your setup. Adding a device or reactivating Duo for a new phone are two of the most common reasons to make changes.

Adding a device
Adding an additional device to your Duo configuration gives you additional options when selecting how to approve a request. For example, if you forget your mobile phone at home and have a tablet or a landline as part of your Duo configuration, you can use one of these alternative devices to approve log-in requests.

Add a tablet to my Duo configuration
Add a landline to my Duo configuration
Add a smartphone to my Duo configuration

New Phone Reactivation
New phone-same number: Use these instructions to reactivate Duo when you get a new phone and keep your same number. Keep in mind that Duo may ask you to verify ownership of the phone number, which will require you to accept a phone call or enter a numeric code received via SMS/Text before you can reactivate your new phone that has the same phone number as the previous device you used to authenticate.

New phone-new number:
  • Contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357
  • Give the Help Desk your new number
  • Have the Help Desk remove your old number from the Duo system and add your new number
  • You will receive a text message with instructions for activating Duo