April 2016 BearAware Security Alert

BearAware Security

Today, a large number of faculty, staff, and students received an email message requesting an urgent "Bearweb System Re-Validation" appearing to come from the ITS Helpdesk. This message is a phishing attack and an attempt to secure valid Baylor credentials for malicious purposes. If you see this message in your inbox, please delete it immediately. For more information on this phishing attempt, see the news item on the front page of the ITS website.

As we often publish in these alerts, Baylor University Information Technology Services, including the Help Desk, will NEVER send you an email that includes links to online forms that request sensitive information such as your username, password, your social security number, or bank account routing numbers. If you receive an email that pretends to be from Information Technology Services and encourages you to click a link to take actions like those, delete it immediately.

Contact the Help Desk at (254) 710-HELP (4357) if you are uncertain about the authenticity of an email you receive from ITS or from any sender.

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