Operating System Standards

Technology installed by ITS will be configured to run only a supported operating system. The definition of a supported operating system is an OS that has been fully tested by ITS staff and verified to be compatible with required software described under the configuration standards.

All new campus workstations will be installed with the most current operating system fully supported by ITS at the time of the install. The installed OS will generally be the supported operating system for the life of the workstation on campus.

An exception may be made If a justified reason should arise for a mid-life cycle upgrade. A request must be submitted to the Help Desk and approved by ITS before the upgrade will be performed.

Justified reasons for requesting an OS upgrade:

1. A newer version of the OS is needed to run software or hardware that has a required business purpose.

2. The installed OS stops receiving security updates and is vulnerable to possible exploitations.

Requesting an OS upgrade.

Click here to request an OS upgrade.

Once the OS upgrade form has been submitted, you will then be contacted by ITS.

Reviewed August 2016